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Dash cam/reverse camera

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The DVR is a high-quality and versatile product that is becoming more and more in demand.So, a DVR is a digital camera designed for storing, recording, and also playback in a special digital format of any video information, with reference to date and also time. Such a product makes it possible to record sound, also, if necessary, to fix the speed, to trace the entire distance of movement of any car. The main advantages of video recorders: • any driver will have an indisputable proof in case of an accident; • moreover, the DVR is the best witness in case of any conflict that occurs directly on the road; • excellent protection against all illegal actions; • the recording, which is made from the car interior, can always serve as protection from criminals; • a functional device installed in such products will be able to capture all the events on the road. All DVR recordings are submitted to the court as evidence.

Dash cam/reverse camera

60 - 100€ installation, 90 - 250€ camera

60 - 80 min