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Front and rear parking sensors

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To make it easier for the driver to determine the dimensions of the car, a parking sensor is installed on it additional equipment, which is a set of sensitive sensors that respond to various obstacles.This is especially important when it is already dark outside and obstacles are poorly distinguishable. Parking sensors also help well if parking is carried out in a limited space. Parking sensors in our time have become more of a necessity, rather than additional equipment. Reducing accidents and comfortable driving, especially in megacities, is, among other things, the merit of parking sensors. Parktronic makes maneuvering a car in a tight space easier. He often helps out when parking on streets loaded with cars. Parktronic helps to drive a car on uneven roads and parking lots, it accurately determines the distance to low obstacles that could not be noticed without its help. The installation of a parking sensor will definitely justify the invested funds, because the use of a parking sensor prevents possible expensive car repairs.

Front and rear parking sensors

120 - 250€

60 min - 120 min